The only Ukrainian manufacturer of grain bags Harwell™

Bags for grain and silage storage is an alternative tool with the minimal one-time expenses, the ability to store and sort the grain and silage on the territory of your own farm

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Technology of your profit with Harwell™

About the technology of storage in bags Harwell™

Storage of grain and silage in an anaerobic condition, which is achieved by tightly loading the grain and silage into a special polymer sleeve (bag). Store the grain and silage on your field, outdoors and under personal control.

The principle of storage technology is the natural conservation of the bag’s content by creating an anaerobic environment in a tightly loaded and closed polymer sleeve. In the process of „breathing” of grain, as well as during the activity of insects and fungus, which get into the bag with the grain, oxygen is taken and replaced by carbon dioxide, which is a natural conservant that prevents the activity of fungus and microorganisms.

The process of grain storage in the bags is very simple. The grain is loaded into the polymer bag via a grainloader and is closed. The bag is placed on a prepared ourdoor area. If necessary (sale of grain etc.) – grain bag is cut and the grain is unloaded via other special machine.

Modern technology of storage

Harwell™ technology features

per sleeve 2.7m*60m
  • including VAT
  • with delivery
  • extra strong - 240 µm
  • production of 2023

Protection and storage

Manage your own harvest

Save money

Modern technology

Natural grain conservation

Adjust storage capacity

Save and increase profit

Advantages of using
grain and silage bags Harwell™

Investment advantages

Economical system with low investments. All investments are purchase of consumer grade equipment and bags for storage of grain and silage, as well as preparation of a site for laying of bags. There is no need to invest in expensive grain storage barn

Technological advantages

No need to transport the grain to the grain elevator. Possibility of separate and guaranteed storage of sorted grain. The grain is not damaged during loading into the bag. Possibility to store grain in any field or prepared area

Financial advantages

Sell yield at a higher price, but not at a price of harvest season, excluding the grain storage in the grain elevator. Reduce transportation costs, avoid the risk of returning low-quality mixed grain from the grain elevator and of idle time of grain in queue at the sea port or grain elevator

Loading and unloading

Together with „Factory Kobzarenko” LLC we offer beneficial services for bags loading and unloading, as well as equipment rental services. More detailed information you can find in the section "Bags loading/unloading services" on «Planet Plastic» website

Together with "Factory Kobzarenko" LLC

Loading and unloading services

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Harwell™ — LLC «Planet Plastic»

1 Pokrovska St, Irpin, 08203, Kyiv region, Ukraine
Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00

Harwell™ — LLC «Planet Plastic»

1 Pokrovska St, Irpin, 08203, Kyiv region, Ukraine
Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00